Authored Books

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2001), Cultural Musical Instruments of Nepal Valley (in three languages – English, Nepali and Nepalbhasa). Newa Dey Daboo (National forum of the Newars)

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2005), Destination Thimi. Chapacho Information Center

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2006) Buddha Dharma-ye Karma-ya Avadharana (Concept of Kamma in Buddhism, Nepalbhasa Language), Buddhist Communication Center – First Prize winner in Research Essay Competition organized by Lotus Research Center

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2006) Nepalbhasa Natak ya Sangeet Paksya (Musical Aspects of Ancient Nepalbhasa Dramas, Nepalbhasa Language), newatech.

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2006) Nasah Dyah: Parampara ra Darshan (A study on Newar God of music and dances, Nepali Language), newatech.

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2006), Sanskriti Bhitra (A collection of articles on Nepalese culture, Nepali Language), newatech

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2006), Mallakaleen Rana Bhoomi Wabhuli (A study on medieval battle field of Kathmandu, Nepalbhasa Language), newatech

Edited Books

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2006), Masked Dances of Nepal Mandal, Madhyapur Art Council

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2002), Newah Badya Parampara (Newar Music Tradition), 2002

Selected Articles

Prajapati, Subhash Ram (2016) “Review of “Dāphā: Sacred Singing in a South Asian City: Music, Performance and Meaning in Bhaktapur, Nepal” by Richard Widdess,” HIMALAYA, the Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies: Vol. 36: No. 2, Article 25.

Prajapati, Subhash Ram et al. (2014) “Students Speak: Diversity in the Pedagogical Practices of Music in Higher Education” College Music Symposium Exploring Diverse Perspectives.