The Legend of Shankhadhar Theme Music (with the score)

Here comes our version of the theme music from the first animated movie of Nepal – शंखधरया बाखं (The Legend of Shankhadhar). This music rearrangement is based on the original song “Dyo He Kha Chha Shankhadhar“, composed by Bishwo Shahi, assisted by Ganga Thapa from the movie “The Legend of Shankhadhar”, written, edited, produced and directed by Sanyukta Shrestha.

Sincere thanks to Marie Takahashi for her wonderful viola performance. Similarly, I’d like to thank Sunil K. Joshi for his sound engineering; Arjun Prajapati and my wife Chetana Shakya for the concept and the video.

Here is the music score of the melody (trascribed from the original song), if you’d like to reproduce:

Download the all-in-one pdf file from here