Subhash Ram Prajapati

Ph.D. Candidate –
University of Washington.
M.A. in Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology , 
Tribhuvan University, Nepal. 2005 – University Topper
M.A. in Nepalbhasa (Newar Language)
 Tribhuvan University, Nepal. 2004 – University Topper
Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies
 Tribhuwan University, Nepal. 2004

Work/ Volunteering Experiences
General Secretary, World Newah Organization, 2016-Present
President, Newah Organization of America, Seattle Chapter, 2013-Present
Board Director, Nepal Seattle Society. 2013-2015
Secretary and Spokesperson, World Newah Organization. 2011-2015
General Secretary, Nepal Seattle Society. 2011-2013
Executive Director, Nepalmandal Foundation. 2008-Present
Research Co-coordinator, Masked Dances of Nepalmandal (A joint project by Madhyapur Art Council, UNESCO, and GTZ), Kathmandu – Nepal. 2006
Program Designer and Presenter (Program on Nepalese Culture) Worked in Times F.M. 90.6 MHz Radio 2002-2003
Member of Curriculum Design Committee of Optional Music in Secondary Level (HMG, Curriculum Development Board, Sanothimi), 2004
Member of Organizing Committee, Publicity and Publication Sub-Committee, Second World Buddhist Summit 2004
Founding instructor, Institute of Newar Language and Culture, Sikkim – India, 1999
Content Writer of the web portals – http://www.jwajalapa.com (Information on Newar Culture), http://www.madhyapurthimi.com (Information on Madhyapur Thimi), http://www.nepalmandal.com (Nepalbhasa News Portal).

Research and Project Works/Seminar Papers
Teaching Nepalese Music Outside Nepal: Successes and Challenges of a Community Course in the U.S. South Asia Conference of the Pacific Northwest (SACPAN), University of Washington February 11, 2017
Identity movement and its influence on Newar music of Nepal. Northwest Graduate Asian Studies Conference, University of Oregon, 14th May, 2016
Social transformation through religious Music: Buddhist Hymns & Theravada Movement in Nepal. Theravada Dissertation Workshop, 30th March 2016
Reconstructing the identity: Social Transformation through music in Newar community, Second World Newah Convention, 27th March 2016
Gai Jatra to Gay Jatra: A case of cultural conflict in Kathmandu– Seminar Paper Presentation, SACPAN Conference, University of Washington, 2009
A study on Nasah Dyah (Newar God of Music and Dances) – MA Nepalese History, Culture and Archeology Dissertation, 2006
A study on Performing Arts of Ancient Dramas of Nepal Mandal – Research Project from Mahendra Sanskrit University, 2006
Gunla Baja: A study on Buddhist Traditional Music – Buddhist Studies Post Graduate Dissertation, 2006
Youth for Culture Preservation (Project on Documentation of Nepalese Musical Instruments), – Youth Initiative Award winner, 2006
Maha Natak Bidhi (Process of Ancient Grand Drama Performance) – Ancient Document Editing, MA Nepalbhasa Project Work, 2004
A study on Musical Aspects of Ancient Nepalbhasa Dramas of Nepal Mandal – MA Nepalbhasa Dissertation, 2004
Wabhuli Telaya Thapuja Dharot – Ancient Document Editing, MA Nepalbhasa Project Work, 2003
A study on Newar Music Tradition – Seminar Paper Presentation, Madhyapur Art Council, 2002

List of Publication
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